About the data…

The Street Team does record data about who the Team engages with, when and under what circumstances. This data is useful in gaining insight into what services the Street Team typically provides and what point the nights get busy.

No demographic information is asked of the people that the team interacted with, other than a note made about gender presentation. While we realize rely on traditional assumptions within a gender binary, such data is useful in determining if the team was meeting the objective of supporting the safety of more vulnerable people in the public realm.

Contacts = individuals or groups of people supported.

Groups of mixed gender presentation are counted as 1 contact & supports are listed under “mixed groups.”

Nature of Contact = services provided. Contacts could need more than 1 support service.

It is estimated that 10-12% of contacts are not entered, due to being too busy at peak times.

The categorization of the types of contacts is as follows:

General check in: A short interaction that involved asking if a person was ok and no other actions required.

Consent / GNO Info: Discussing what Good Night Out was, what the Street Team did, and sharing information about consent.

Harassment Support: Addressing someone who was recently harassed.

Interrupting Harassment: Addressing someone harassing another person.

Intoxication: Supports of an extended duration beyond that of a check in, related to a person’s level on intoxication.

Transportation: Support to get to SkyTrain, Bus, or taxi.

Police: Assisting someone to connect with the Police.

Directions: Providing a person with directions to a GED landmark, establishment or other location.

Non-safety / Other: Other service such as phone charging.

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