We are back June 1st!

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Downtown Business Improvement Association to fund the relaunch of the Good Night Out Granville Street Team

 Granville Street Safety Program will start again this Friday, June 1st

 VANCOUVER, BC / May 31st, 2018 —Good Night Out (GNO) Vancouver today announced the re-launch of their Granville Street Team, which has been on hiatus since November.

Beginning this weekend, the Good Night Out Street Team will resume its work to help increase the sense of safety of vulnerable people women and the LGTBQ2 community participating in the nightlife economy on Granville St. The Street Team is made up of four individuals who will maintain a visible presence along Granville St. on Friday and Saturday nights from midnight until 3:30AM, engage with patrons in the public realm, and support vulnerable patrons during peak hours.

 The project ran as a pilot in the Fall, the findings of which were shared with City Council earlier this month. At that same meeting, Mayor Robertson put forth a motion that the City work with Good Night Out to secure a collaborative funding model to support the street team on a permanent basis. As a result of this motion, the DVBIA agreed to support programming, allowing for outreach to start ahead of summer while the City explores funding options for the program.

 During the pilot, the team connected with over 300 people, and offered services such as:

  • assisting vulnerable patrons to access public transit or taxis;

  • liaising with licensed establishments to help ensure the safety of vulnerable patrons during closing egress;

  • Supporting over –intoxicated people;

  • Acting as a host to help increase the sense of safety in the GED;

  • Sharing information about nightlife safety and harm reduction;

  • Acting as skilled bystanders when harassment is witnessed;

  • Helping patrons charge phones for safety reasons.

 The Team works in close collaboration with the Vancouver Police Department, licensed venues, security staff, and business owners to prioritize all patrons and public safety. and has consulted with the Vancouver Police Department. The team is made up of skilled people with diverse backgrounds and a skill set that includes non-violence communication, first aid and overdose management / naloxone training.  They are highly visible with peach T-shirts and matching peach backpacks.

 GNO’s mandate is to increase patron safety in nightlife all over Vancouver, especially the safety of women and the LGBT2Q community. GNO was founded out of an awareness there are certain factors present in urban nightlife that can contribute to these populations feeing unsafe. The GNO Nightlife Street Team is a proactive approach to increasing patron and public safety within the Granville Entertainment District. The program received accolades from Amsterdam night mayor Mirik Milan on his recent visit to Vancouver.

 About Good Night Out Vancouver

Adapted from the campaign in London, Good Night Out Vancouver launched in 2015 and is coordinated by Stacey Forrester and Ashtyn Bevan. Good Night Out is an independent team of regional organizers passionate about making nights out safer for all. We work in partnership with councils, music festivals, licensing teams, women’s groups and charities across the globe to deliver training, consultation and support. Our work in Vancouver has been featured on Global News, City TV, The Vancouver Observer, The Province, CBC and other local and international media.

 Media Contact:

Stacey Forrester, Good Night Out


Our amazing friend Jiliian had this to say in support of our team:

"I'm really proud of the GNO Street Team and its supporters for continuing to advocate for this really important resource in Downtown's Granville Entertainment District.

With the current gaps that exist in supports and institutions designed to instill public confidence, and the powerful #MeToo and #TimesUp movement sweeping the globe – the time is now to invest not just in services that build healthier and safer communities – but in organizations like the GNO Street Team that have the ability to change the conversation, stop sexual harassment, and save lives.

As someone really close to the issue of safety on Granville Street, I'll be supporting the team in any way I can and I encourage other allies to do the same.

On the eve of Lauren's 30th birthday, this is a great way to be contributing to the conversation of enhanced safety on the Granville Strip in a meaningful and impactful way. I am really grateful for the work the volunteers have put in, and the support that has been provided by the City of Vancouver, its Council members, and the Business Improvement Association."