We offer a range of services for the nightlife economy to build capacity around safer space plans, policies and useful, easy to implement tools.


Bars, Pubs, & Music Venues:

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WE KNOW that venues, clubs, bars and pubs are the experts when it comes to what happens on the premises, so we work closely with them to make sure they’re happy with the pledge and to help them work it into their existing policy. Whether you are a small local bar or a large scale multi- venue organization, the set of tools we offer enables staff to handle situations in a controlled manner when it comes to the reporting of safety issues on the premises. This creates a safer environment for both patrons and service staff.


WE TRAIN industry staff on topics such as:

  • What is harassment, who experiences it?

  • How can we help create an environment that doesn’t tolerate harassment?

  • How can racism and homophobia intersect with sexual harassment?

  • How to respond to someone disclosing sexual assault.

  • Practical tips on dealing with a situation of harassment de-escalation techniques, responding to shock and trauma.

  • How to link GNO to your existing safety policies.

  • Harm reduction in nightlife.



Music Festival Services:

Good Night Out is a feminist based harm reduction program. We offer training and services on a variety of issues relating to mass music gatherings, specifically focusing on the prevention of sexual assault, the promotion of Consent Culture, and education about reducing the harms related to substance use. We can customize our services to your needs and budget.

Typical services include:

  • Assessment of festival

  • Assistance with Code of Conduct and Policy

  • Workshop for managers

  • Training package for volunteers

  • Social media and on site messaging



 Event Consent &  Harm Reduction Outreach:

GNO representatives are trained in non-violent crisis intervention or conflict resolution skills as well as CPR and overdose management training. At events we approach harm reduction with a fun approach with an aim educate patrons on consent culture and safe partying tips.



And more! We can customize workshops and outreach to fit your needs.