Good Night Out is an international organization dedicated to providing the nightlife industry with the capacity to respond to and prevent harassment and sexual assault within licensed venues.

Good Night Out Vancouver was founded out of an awareness of the links between alcohol consumption and sexual aggression and initiated from community concerns that staff and patrons in Vancouver’s nightlife could benefit from education around how to recognize, interrupt and prevent sexual harassment and assault on nights out.

Good Night Out uses recent research on gendered violence, bystander intervention, and anti-oppressive techniques to create a variety of original educational tools, interventions and messaging aimed at reducing gendered and homophobic harassment and violence in our city’s arts, culture and entertainment scene. The work that Good Night Out has done in Vancouver has been presented on a local and international scale, with our team being looked to as experts in the field of violence against women.

Our Mission

The rationale is for a cultural shift to make Vancouver arts and culture scene as well as the cities nightlife a safe environment for everyone. This campaign has emerged from community concerns and GNO Vancouver recognizes that unfortunately harassment does happen however our aim of having business sign up for GNO, sends out a strong message to the community that when it does occur it will be dealt with appropriately.

How do we do that? 

  • A peer-based audit system for licensed venues in Vancouver
  • Providing training that addresses the "risk for sexual assault perpetration" that are present in Vancouver's nightlife and entertainment culture 
  • Tools to create a network of venue staff that are engaged and invested in community safety 
  • Data on what makes women and LGBT2Q communities feel unsafe and where it is happening
  • The creation of community bystanders with skills and motivation to intervene when faced with sexual harassment and violence 

Why this issue matters? 

  • Provincially and federally there is a lack of policy or guidelines on how the nightlife economy can implement sexual violence prevention into their operations 
  • 1 in 5 sexual assaults are drug or alcohol facilitated 
  • Drug and alcohol use, rape myth acceptance and bystander apathy, amongst other factors, as variables linked to the occurrence of sexual violence
  • Patrons and employees within the industry are victims of and perpetuate sexism and sexual violence 
  • Nightlife culture in Vancouver, as in any metropolitan centre, is an environment where these risk factors are often allowed to thrive and are even normalized