Public workshops are one of our favorite things to do! We believe that everyone has a role to play in making it a good night out.

If there is a topic you are interested in, but do not see, please email us. We are always excited to create custom workshops.


Got Consent?

What does it really mean to give and get consent?  Understanding the law is one thing, but how can we actually cultivate ongoing, enthusiastic, affirmative, ethical consent in our lives both in sexual and non-sexual situations?  From navigating power dynamics and privilege to challenging rape culture, consent means so much more than yes or no.  What does it mean to live in a consent culture and how can we get good at it?  This workshop has it all.


Life of the Party

This is our harm-reduction 101 workshop. We start with identifying all the things that can go wrong on a night out, and talk about how to prevent and respond to them. From substance use to managing creeps in house parties, raves or at concerts, we have your back.


Bystander intervention

We all know harassment is not chill, but are we all on the same page when it comes to challenging it? There are a lot of reasons why people don't intervene when they see someone being harassed- let's unpack them!  We offer many ways to intervene when safe to do so, whether you are a shy person or more outgoing, we promise you there is something you can do that will make a difference.