We launched our Granville Street Team pilot project, with the financial assistance of the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association and BarWatch. This Team was created with the hopes that engaged peers who were skilled in bystander intervention could play a role in curbing incidents of gendered and harassing “sub-criminal” acts and support the safety of women and vulnerable populations between the hours of Midnight and 330 A.M.

Volunteers were selected based on a skill set that reflected experience in “helping professions”as well as training in bystander intervention, non violent crisis intervention, overdose management and first aid. They are given an honorarium as gesture of appreciation for their skills and time with the team.

Goals and Objectives of the Street team:

• Be a highly visible intervention to address issues pertaining to the safety of women and the LGBTQ2 community visiting the Granville Entertainment District 

• Use a team that is skilled in bystander intervention and conflict resolution to support patron safety on the street and help curb escalation of incidents stemming from harassment 

• Be a link between victims of assault and police 

• Support venue security staff and VPD in prioritizing patron and public safety 

• Support vulnerable patrons during the 2am egress from licensed establishments on the weekends 

• Contribute to the overall sense of safety for patrons participating in the weekend nightlife on the Granville strip (be the eyes on the street)

Examples of the type of services our team provides: 

• Liaising with licensed establishments within the Granville Entertainment district to help ensure the safety of vulnerable patrons during closing egress 

• Acting as eyes and ears on the street 

• Acting as skilled bystanders when gendered or homophobic or other harassment is witnessed 

• Linking people who have been victims of assault to the VPD or to other organization

• Assisting vulnerable patrons to access public transit or taxis 

• Helping patrons charge phones for safety reasons

Looking for the data about what the street team does? Check out our monthly reports here!