EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY - The street team is on hiatus for May.


In April of 2018, the City of Vancouver unanimously approved a motion to look at ways to collaboratively fund Good Night Out Vancouver’s Granville Street Team. This current funding model means that The City of Vancouver and the Downtown Business Improvement Association each generously contribute a third of the total budget, with Good Night Out needing to raise a third on our own. Thanks to a grant from the Vancouver Police Foundation that allowed us to purchase all the supplies we need for a year, we have been able to stretch the City and DVBIA money much further than we thought while we attempted to find a third funder. Unfortunately, we have not yet found the funds to continue the program.

A lack of funding means that the Street Team Project is faced with the reality of having to stop all operations, halting all of our harm reduction services in their tracks and leaving women and vulnerable populations with decreased feelings of safety and security on their nights out.

We do not want the Street Team to stop. We believe that the GED is a vibrant, historical part of the city and that this Project is an effective way for the Vancouver community to come together to revitalize the area. We know that heightened feelings of safety among women and vulnerable populations in the GED increase engagement in the nightlife economy and facilitates a healthy culture of art and entertainment in Vancouver.

Download a partnership package to learn how you can help bring our team back!

Until we are back - please keep an eye on each other!

We will be back soon


Good Night Out Team!

Our Street team is here to help.

The Granville Street Team is an outreach team that works in the Entertainment District between Midnight and 330 am  on the weekends.  Easy to spot in their peach shirts, the Good Night Out Street Team engages with people in the public realm and offers supports as needed. Their backpacks are full of water, snacks, harm reduction supplies phone chargers and naloxone. The Granville Street Team is always happy to lend an ear, run interference on a weird situation, walk you to transit or help you find your friends and get a cab.

Looking for the data on what the Street Team does? Click Here!

This project is currently graciously supported by the Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association.